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Welcome to the first naming community for the Spanish language.Our aim is to give anything a name, from new companies to any type of product, domain, trademark, slogan or event. We use the technique of “brainstorming”, where users contribute names for any given project.It has been demonstrated that this technique generates better results than those produced by a single individual working independently.

Our users receive financial compensation for their work.The two finalist share 50% of the project fee.In addition, users with the best judgement and with the highest participation rates are also rewarded.

If you have any questions, visit our blog or frequently asked questions section.Don’t miss out on this opportunity and register now!

List of winners

This is the list of the 3 latest award winners in Naming All Things. If you want to take part by providing names, register here..

1 jauma 366€
2 kasey 327€
3 lorena 200€
Project title Names
256 días, 12 horas Complementos alimenticios [142]
Buscamos un nombre para lanzar una gama de complementos alimenticios para vender mediante catálogo y online. Son productos (...) [ver detalles]
580 días, 14 horas Nombre Firma servicios legales [126]
Firma de servicios legales orientada a departamentos jurídicos internos de empresa y despachos de abogados así como a clien (...) [ver detalles]
616 días, 14 horas Consultoría Innovación Educación [137]
Buscamos el nombre de una Consultoria basada en Innovación en Educación. Es necesario que el nombre tenga sonoridad. Puede (...) [ver detalles]
734 días, 13 horas Name for new Product [120]
Our company has developed a new product in the field of Network Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering. The name shouldnt so (...) [ver detalles]
752 días, 6 horas Tienda de Calzado [270]
Es una tienda de calzado para dama que se ubicara en EUA en el sur de Texas, el rango de edad principal de las compradoras me (...) [ver detalles]
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